Altamura never stops !!!

This month we will be present at the 4Mesh event with a female bento head “Jenny”!

4Mesh is an event focused on bringing you the latest items for Mesh Bodies, Mesh Heads and Bento!Opens every second month on the 12th until 11th of next month!

Jenny Bento head is available, Omega compatible with Head Hud with many opportunities to personalize it as always.


Soon we will have offers also for male avatar, don’t worry, stay Tuned!!

Altamura is working for the new HUDs that will soon be around!!!


Skin Fair2018 “Valentina Bento fullBody Limited Edition”

The 2018 Skin fair has begun and Altamura is pleased to present it’s exclusive and limited edition of Valentina Fullbody bento avatar!

But let’s see what it is:
Valentina Fullbody is a limited and exclusive version and will not be found in the mainstore after the fair, so I recommend everyone to go and see it because of the success it is having.
We remind everyone that “Valentina” was presented as a gift from Valentine’s day in the Altamura mainstore, and many people asked to have it, with full options and affordable… an important release since the owner of Altamura seems to have satisfied her customers!
“Valentina” bento fullbody is a complete avatar with hands and head bento, is Omega compatible and with a complete HUD to customize your avatar as you wish.”Valentina” comes to the 2018 skin fair with a very advantageous price for those willing to buy it and belong to the group Altamura, the cost for those who belong to the group is 300 linden, while for those who do not belong to the group and want to take advantage of this limited edition the price is 6000 linden. This is a very advantageous price considering that you will have a complete avatar that will have a low complexity and many options and you can wear your favorite Omega skin if you want.

Altamura has also thought about the men, and the Skin fair 2018 will have the “Robert” Bento FullBody which is completely free, but without the ability to have the omega compatible option. A great gift that Altamura makes to its male customers, certainly not to be underestimated!
What are you waiting for? Wear your Altamura tag and teleport yourself to the skin fair!

SKIN FAIR TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La%20Grange/113/203/24

See what all the fuss is about and follow Altmaura on flickr in the links below:
Altamura The Future of Fashion: https://www.flickr.com/photos/altamurathefutureoffashion/
Altamura Bloggers – Avatar & accessories:

L’Homme Magazine SL Fashion Show – February 2018

Altamura is honoured to had been present as Sponsor of L’HOMME MAGAZINE SL FASHION SHOW!!

Altamura say “Thank You!!” To Hikaru, Markus, Moon and all L’Homme Magazine Team and MISS SL Agency ❤

For more informations, photos and video about the gorgeous Show, click here.

L’Homme Magazine February Gift

Altamura is proud to be present at L’Homme Magazine SL February 2018 issue with a exclusive gift for all L’Homme Magazine Readers.

L’Homme Magazine February 2018


The Look of the Owl is a Tattoo compatible with all Altamura Bodies and Omega System.

This gift will be available in Altamura Main Store until June, 2018.