Altamura’s Thanksgiving Spread on Black Friday

We’ve been busy so you have some awesome deals for Black Friday
Our promotions start with our NEW Altamura main store with each of these items at 50% OFF w/ Group…

*NEW* Ivan Bento Fullbody with new HUD

– *Valentina Bento head

– Men’s Spring Outfit from AltaGroup
– Suit Night formal gown from AltaFashion

ALTAMURA @ VERSUS Event 3rd Round (1st - 30th Dec 2018) Ad

New Altamura Main Store share this LM for the new location with your friends

Arcane Spellcaster has several items at 50% OFF w/ Group…

– *Sofia Bento Headless Body

– Irene tattoo applier for women
– Grimmy tattoo applier for men

<<Taxi to Arcane Spellcaster>>

Skin Addiction’s 10th Anniversary coincides along with Black Friday, giving a minimum of 25% off select skins and makeup, and 50% off w/ group for Altamura…

– *Giselle Bento Fullbody

– Anura lips applier
– Marala eyeshadow applier
– Candy skin (designed for the Clodet avatar)
– Nadia tattoo applier

Skin Addition black friday 2019-ALTAMURA-AG-

<<Taxi to Skin Addiction>>

TeleportHub has several items, including men’s items…

– *Dante Headless Bento Body for 50% off w/ Group

TeleportHub Black Friday 2019-ALTAMURA-

– Sportfit sweatpants for men
– OneBoss hat for men

For the ladies, they’re offering…

– *Christmas Love full outfit for 50% w/ group
– Vera pants for 25% w/ group
– Lingerie Curve applier for 50% w/ group

TeleportHub Black Friday 2019-AG-AF-

<<Taxi to Teleporthub>> or look at their website at

Bring your “stuffed” bellies over get these awesome offerings after the Thanksgiving celebration ☺

ALTAMURA @ eBENTO Event – November Round (Nov 11th)

EBENTO November 2019

eBENTO, the monthly Event Starts the 11th!
Something for the guys for this Round

– *Dante Bento Headless body with new HUD 50% OFF w/Group

25% Off These Items:
– *Ear Piercings “Trendy”
– *Exclusive* ::AG:: Erik Tattoo (Altamura & Omega)
– ::AG:: Darkness Nails (Altamura & Omega)
– ::AG:: Male Nipple Piercing: “Extreme”

It’s a ‘guy thing’, come and get it…
come to eBENTO and grab the goodies!
we are waiting for you!

<< eBENTO Taxi >>

The October Spooktacular at eBento is here….


ALTAMURA @ eBENTO Event – October Round (Oct 11th)

eBENTO, the monthly Event Starts the 11th!
Something spooky for this Round

– *Sofia Bento Headless body with new HUD 50% OFF w/Group

25% Off These Items:
– *Nipple Piercing “Extreme”
– “The Night of the Witches” Bento Custom Avatar
– *Exclusive* ::AG:: Bolina BoM Tattoo (Altamura & Omega)
– ::AG:: Creepy Web Nails (Altamura & Omega)
– ::AG::Lace Addicted Nails (Altamura & Omega)

– *Demon Survivor Face tattoo (Altamura & Omega)

It’s a spooktacular event, don’t be caught dead without them…
come to eBENTO and grab the goodies!
we are waiting for you!

<<eBENTO Taxi >> 

Holy Bat Wings, BoM is Here… and MORE!!

BoM Group Gift

For any Altamurans that wish to try out their bodies in BoM, we have the new Group Gift near the back wall waiting for you (does NOT work on any of the ‘gift’ bodies, as it requires Omega).


Group Gift NON Bento Female Avatars

For those of you that have wanted to try our non bento fullbodies, they’re all currently set as group gifts (FIVE female bodies) that are Omega compatible.


Altamura @ eBENTO Event – September Round (Sept 11th)

EBENTO September 2019

eBENTO, the monthly Event Starts the 11th!
Something new for this Round

– *Aggie Bento Fullbody with new HUD 50% OFF w/Group

25% Off These Items:
– *Aggie Bento Head
– *Exclusive* ::AG:: Beth Tattoo (Altamura & Omega)
– ::AG:: Sexy Lace Nails (Altamura & Omega)
– ::AG:: Shine Gold Nails (Altamura & Omega)

Get it while you can…
come to eBENTO and see what we have for you!
we are waiting for you!

<< eBENTO Taxi >>

Altamura @ eBento Event – July Round 2019 (July 11)


eBENTO, the monthly Event Starts the 11th!
You won’t want to miss this Round ☺

Clodet is back! Now you can get just the one you want…

All are 50% off the retail with group tag:
– *Clodet Bento Head – Young, Middle Aged, and Senior editions

All are 25% off:

– *::AG:: Delicious Nails (Altamura & Omega)
– *::AG:: SweetHeart Nails (Altamura & Omega)
– *::AG:: Candy Skin (Altamura & Omega)
Come on down to see what we have…we are waiting for you!

<<eBENTO Taxi >>

NEW Upgraded Bodies

  • How do the bodies that have the new HUD use the Omega Kit?

The upgraded Altamura bento bodies use the Omega Kit differently than previously, and it’s MUCH simpler.

Go to the folder with your unpacked Altamura avatar. Right click and ADD the ‘AltamuraBa: -4- *NAME* Fullbody, ‘AltamuraBa: -5- Lingerie/Clothing layers’, ‘AltamuraBa: -7- Fullbody HUD-‘, and the Omega Kit Installer (Omega Kit for Altamura can be purchased for L$99 at their store ).

After unpacking the Omega kit, go to it’s folder and find the Installer and right click- ADD it. Click the installer and wait for it to say it’s finished in the local chat.

Detach it and use all your Omega appliers

* To use a omega applier follow these guidelines:
– Always be sure to have the Fullbody HUD on when using an applier.
– Skin, Makeup and Tattoos goes directly on the body.
– All lingerie and clothing from appliers goes onto the ‘AltamuraBa: -5- Lingerie/Clothing layers’

*note: The Omega Kit for Altamura is the same for male and female.

  • I’m having issues seeing something I just added with an applier

Sometimes we’ll have masking issues in SL. The simple workaround is to go to your body’s HUD, alpha section. Turn off the layers the applier you’re trying is not using. Use your applier. You should see it now, and can turn your other layers back on. IF you don’t see it in it’s entirety, just use the macro button on the top left of the alpha HUD, and hide the area the applier covered. Then show it again. The applier should now show in it’s entirety.

  • I just received one of the upgraded bodies. What do I do now?

We have several resources available to quickly get you up and running. For a simple HUD manual go to here

We also have made some short videos to walk you through the process here in multiple languages. Our Altamura tutorials Youtube page is here