eBento Event – January 2018

Altamura, in this eBento first round of 2018, want to wish you all Happy New Year with six New Releases!

The new Range of products is composed by Official Slim and Curvy Shape for Altamura Bento Products: “Slim Shape” for Aggie, Monique and Mia and “Curvy Shape” for the same products.

Do not miss them from 10th to the end of January!!

Altamura @ eBento Event


“AARON” Bento Full Body TeleportHub Gift

Aaron Bento Full Body is composed by Bento Head and Body all together, of course  with Bento Hands included. It has ONLY alpha sections, and it is a preview for the complete Full Body available in the Main Store.

TeleportHub.com Group required. To join the group copy and past in local chat (10L$ to join):


The gift will be availble in the Main Store until the end of April 2018.