“Strong” Head Tattoo (Altamura-Omega)



Unisex tattoo for the head and neck.

It contains a specific Applier for Altamura and Omega.

You can change the color of your Hairbase through HUD color picker of your head.


Altamura on MODE Magazine by Moolto

MODE Magazine cover

Altamura is proud to be on the cover of MODE Magazine March Issue.

Rumegusc Altamura feels incredibly honored to be featured and interviewed by this Magazine, focused on Beauty and Fashion in Second Life.

The interview starts on page 12, introducing Rumegusc Altamura soul and creativity. Special Thanks to Pam Nightshadow, MODE and Moolto Magazine, and to Sita Writer, MODE Editor in Chief, for her worderful interview and collaboration.

A big Thank You to Skip Staheli for his stunning cover picture and Aura Meads for the beautiful images of Altamura products.

Thank you to whole MODE and Moolto Team for this honor!!


“MONIQUE” Bento Head

“Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered”

(Giorgio Armani)

Skins by Session Skins (Exclusive for Altamura)
This product is Omega System compatible but you need to purchase an Omega Installer to activate the plugin. You find it at the link:
She comes with a main HUD and an applier with default settings.


In the package you find:
0=Bento Instructions
1=Shape and Eyebrows Shape
2=Bento Head
4=Head HUD
5=Skin and Makeup Applier
6=Bento BLABLA Gesture to talk
7= Face Animation Pack
Bento Head HUD:
Head shape is totally customizable.
 4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, 5 HairBases, 5 EyeBrows, 5 EyeShadows, 5 Blush, 5 LipStick & 2 EyeLashes with 3 lenghts all tintables. All sections are customizable with color picker and blend. Show/Hide Ears & Neck Size Option.
Animations: Stand pose button, Open mouth/ Close eyes/ Smile and Wink as static animations, three different Facial Animations AO as dynamic animations, BLABLA gesture to talk.
 Complexity Alpha+Head: 5302.
For further informations about HUD use, click here.
Altamura suggests to see the wonderful Strawberry Singh Video Tutorial.
Special Thanks to “Berry” for her professionalism!


“DANTE” Bento Body

“The world history is the biography of great men”

(Thomas Carlyle)


Altamura Dante Bento Body


Dante Bento Body is only a body, without head, with Bento Hands. It is Omega compatible and Bento Hands work with all Bento AOs.

It works with all heads by other brands except TMP.

Altamura Bento Body comes with:
0=Bento Instructions
2A=Bento Body
2B=Clothing Layers
4A=Body HUD
4B=Only in Fullbody
4C=Nails HUD
4D=Hand Poses HUD
5=Body Skin Applier
6=Layers Applier

Bento Body HUD:
Alpha Sections (Front, Back, Macro Area, Mid Area, Micro Are, Zoom), 4 Skin Tones and Color Picker, 2 Clothing, Lingerie & Tattoo Layers Options. Save/Get Preset (Layers&Alpha), Flat feet with 3 different alphas.
Nails HUD:
Selection pointer, “All” button selection, “All left hand/foot” button selections, “All right hand/foot” button selections, “On/Off” button to show/hide nails, 10 empty Custom Slot to apply Altamura or other Brands texutures, 4 different Default Textures, 7 different Default Skin Tones, Color Picker, 10 Color Picker Slots to customize the color of your nails, Shine bar, Get/Save Preset.
Hand Poses HUD:
Open/Reduce/Detach buttons, 14 Static Poses for left and right hand, 2 different Hand Animation AOs with dynamic animations.

Complexity Alpha + FullBody: 4452.

Bento Bento Full Body is available at Main Store and Marketplace.

For further informations about HUD use, click here.