Altamura @ Black Fair 2017

Altamura is very pleased to be part of Black Fair 2017!!

Altamura at Black Fair 2017

We hope that you will visit us and join us at this great event, and try the latest Altamura products for women and men. In our booth you will find one exclusive Black Fair product and relative demo: “ALVIN” Bento Head!

We have also included a Developer Kits box and a Gift on site.

Black Fair 2017 - Poster

Skin Fair Exclusive and New Releases

Alvin is the new Bento Head, it comes with 4 wonderful skin tones (all blacks) for the body, Altamura and Omega compatible. All bodies by other brands are compatible except Aestetics and TMP (TMP is not Omega friendly).

Alvin and Aaron Bento Heads shall be accompanied also with the elegance of Borsalino Hat. It comes with texture change HUD and resize script.

New releases for Women we have Ester Eyeshadow and Luxe Lipstick, made by Milla Rasmuson Makeup, with exclusive partnership with Altamura. They come in 8 different shades and they work with all Altamura Products and Omega.

As New Release we have also British Shape for Monique Bento, created by .Viki., in exclusive for Altamura.

Alvin Bento Head is available at Black Fair until April 21, then it will be available also in Main Store and Marketplace.

Other products are available at Black Fair, at Main Store and Marketplace.

“ALVIN” BENTO Head Exclusive@Black Fair


Alvin is available from 7th to 21st of April @ Black Fair 2017 in exclusive.


Omega compatible.

All bodies by other brands are compatible except Aestetics and TMP.

Bento Mesh Head: Head shape is totally customizable
Head Hud: 4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, HairBase, EyeBrows, EyeShadows, Beard, LipStick, EyeLashes Tintables and 3 different Eyelash Lengths. All sections are customizable with color picker. Show/Hide Ears.

Animations: Eyes only, Mouth only, Smile/Happy, Sad, Mixed Random, Confused, Soft AO, Reset button. All animations can be stopped all time you prefer to have your fixed expression. BLABLA Talk.

Complexity Alpha+Head: 4768.

Altamura suggests to watch the wonderful Strawberry Singh Video Tutorial

Special Thanks to “Berry” for her professionalism!