O-STYLE ALEXIA ELCANO EXPO – Tribute to Altamura

Altamura is very proud to invite you all at

O-style – Alexia Elcano Photographer
tribute to Altamura

Monday, July 10th at 1pm SLT

We hope that you will visit us and join us at this great event, a stunning point of view of Alexia Elcano to valorize Altamura products.
We have included Unisex Gift on site available only to Obscene Art Gallery Group Members.
To Join, copy and past in local chat:

Obscene Art Gallery

O STYLE - altamura

Many Thanks to Alexia Elcano, all Owners, all Models, and Sadiana BDSM Sim!!

“KIM” BENTO head v.0.35.1

Altamura Kim Bento Head


Omega compatible.
BENTO Mesh Head: Head shape is totally customizable.
4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, 5 HairBase, 5 EyeBrows, 5 EyeShadows, 5 Blush, 5 LipStick & EyeLashes Tintables. All sections are customizable with color picker. Show/Hide Ears & Neck Size Option.
Animations: Smile, Wink, Bite Lip, Brows & Close Eyes. BLABLA Talk.
Complexity Alpha+Head: 5600.

“Punk Piercings” KIM BENTO

Altamura Punk Piercing Kim Bento Head


The including set requires a KIM BENTO HEAD.

The set is composed by 8 piercing including:
– 6 right eyebrow piercings;
– 6 left eyebrow piercings;
– 2 for mouth.
It comes with a HUD that allows you to change color and show or hide your piercings.

In the section 1 you can change the color of right eyebrow and upper mouth.
In the section 2 you can change the color of  left eyebrow and lower mouth.

You can also save 7 favorite colors using the empty checkboxes below color picker.

You have 9 options to customize your piercings.
In particular you can do Hide or Show:
– All eyebrow right piercings
– All eyebrow left piercings
– That over the lip
– That under the lip
– You can turn off one by one on the eyebrows individually.

“Extreme” Male Nipple Piercing

Altamura Extreme Male Nipple Piercings


  • Nipple Piercing for Altamura Body, Dante
  • Nipple Piercing for Slink, Physique
  • Unrigged Piercing

The set is composed by 2 piercings.

It comes with a HUD that allows you to change color and show or hide your piercings.

Here you can choose which piercings to show or hide.

This allows you to customize your piercing set.