Blogger Search – September 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are looking for active and succesful bloggers who can present Altamura Bento Avatar with their best effort and intentions.

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Blogger Application: New Rules

Thank you very much for you interest in blogging for Altamura.

We are looking for active and succesful bloggers who can present our brand with their best effort and intentions. The group is by invitation only, it means that if you are accepted you will be contacted by Foxelektra, Altamura Blogger Manager.

Application Rules:

• Your avatar must have at least 1 year on second life.
• Your blog must be minimum 6 months old.
• You must have Flickr and Facebook profile, and a blog.
• You have to fill all the form.
• Do not send notecard or message IW.
• Do not send multiple applications.

IW Blogger Group Rules:

1) Blogging at least 4 products every month.
2) All photos must be tagged, our name added to the photo and included in our group on Flickr and Facebook. (Link Below)
3) The credits must be exact with right location and slurl (mainstore, event & fairs).
4) Add your post in your Facebook/Flickr/Blog pools.
5) High quality pictures and very good resolution with:
• Average of 800 views on your Flickr pictures
• 50 or more favs for your Flickr pictures
6) The Altamura items you are posting have to be good visible.
7) Flag on “Receive Group Notices” in Altamura Blogger Group and always check Group Notices.
8) Every month fill the Report Form.
9) Please inform Foxelektra if you go away for a period.
If you don’t respect these rules you will be removed from Group.

Flickr Group

Facebook FanPage

If you think that you meet all requirements and you are agree, please fill the application form below. If you are not agree, please do not fill the application form.

Thank you in advance for your time and, feel free to share it! ❤

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The Avenue – September 2017

Altamura is very happy to be present at The Avenue Event as Sponsor. In September round Altamura offers you a lot of products, included Bento Head, at 35% OFF!!

Deal is on:

AGGIE Bento Head

Aggie Bento Urban Piercing

Russian Shape for Aggie Bento

“Fiordaliso” Eyeshadow Make up

“Janet” Lipstick Make up

“Barocco” Tattoo (all Brands applier)

“Neverland” Tattoo (Altamura-Omega)

Do not miss them from September 1st to 20th!!

Altamura @ The Avenue

Altamura Customer Opinion Survey July 2017 – Results

Last month, for 15 days, Altamura asked in the IW Group to fill a Survey, to know what Customers think about the brand and all their suggestions.

Answers received are 47, a little number than the total group members, but Altamura wants to say “Thank You” to all people who have taken part to the survey.

Here, the results. There was also two open questions with Customers suggestions and opinions, we prefer to do not publish them, but for us they are very important to improve our products and services and to us, this is the only way to ensure that their preferences and interests will be most fully accounted for.

Thank You.

Altamura Team

Complete choises/answers:

  • By a friend: 7 people = 14,9%
  • By Altamura Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Avatarbook, Moolto, YouTube): 5 people = 10,6%
  • By a Web Site (Mesh Body Addicts, TeleportHub, NessMarket, What’s New,!, Seraphim): 9 people = 19,1%
  • By Altamura Official Bloggers: 0 people
  • By other Bloggers (Strawberry Singh included): 3 people = 6,4%
  • By IW or Magazine: 0 people
  • By IW Fashion Group Notices: 2 people = 4,3%
  • By IW Events (The Chapter Four, eBento, MOM, The Avenue, Hipster, The Grab): 4 people = 8,5%
  • By IW Fairs (Skin Fair, MBA Fair, Black Fair): 1 person = 2,1%
  • By Marketplace: 6 people = 12,8%
  • Other: 10 people = 21,3%

Complete answers:

  • Much shorter than expected
  • Shorter than expected
  • About what I expected
  • Longer than expected
  • Much longer than expected
  • Did not receive a response

Complete choises/answers:

  • Reliable: 2 people = 4,3%
  • High Quality: 16 people = 34%
  • Useful: 4 people = 8,5%
  • Unique: 3 people = 6,4%
  • Good value for money: 16 people = 34%
  • Overpriced: 3 people = 6,4%
  • Impratical: 1 person = 2,1%
  • Ineffective: 1 person = 2,1%
  • Poor quality: 1 person = 2,1%
  • Unreliable: 0 people

Complete answers:

  • Less than three months
  • Three months to six months
  • Six months to a year
  • 1 – 2 years
  • I haven’t made a purchase yet

HME – August 2017

Altamura is very happy to be present at this round of HME – Monthly Male Event as Sponsor with an Exclusive New Release from August 13th to September 6th !!

Hipster Male Event

We hope that you will visit us and join us at this great event, and try the latest Altamura product for Men.

New Release and HME Exclusive: “Darkal Shape” for Alvin Bento Head is introduced with other 2 new releases, “Panama Summer Swing” Mesh Hat and “Panama Summer Swing 2” Mesh Hat.