FAQ – Bento Head/Traditional Mesh Head

  • Do you have a video tutorial?

Yes, we have: Altamura Channel on YouTube

  • Are Altamura heads compatible with bodies by other brands?

Yes, they are. Male Heads are compatible with all bodies except TMP and Aesthetic.

  • What is the difference between a Bento Head and a Traditional Mesh Head?

In Bento, you can modify your head shape, so you can become unique!

  • I wear my Bento head but I seem a monster!

You have to wear the shape in the package and then, if you want, you can modify it.

  • How can I change skin/hair base/eyebrows/eyeshadow/blush/lips/lashes color?

You can use the color picker, then the blend slider to adjust the intensity.
As an alternative, you can buy Omega system skins because all Altamura Products are Omega compatible with the purchase of the Omega Kit for Altamura.

  • Does the, for instance, your “name X” Full Body fit well with the Bento Head/Traditional Mesh Head? 

No, because the Full Body is one piece, body and head together. The only headless bodies (without head) at the moment are Altamura Sofia and Dante.

  • The “name X” head is overlapping at the neck level with the “name X” body. Is there anything to fix it from your side ?

Yes, go to “other” section in main hud, and choose R, your issue will be disappear.

  • On the eyebrow makeup, how do you hide the standard brow?

There is not a button to hide the standard brow, but you have 4 skin tones, with or without eyebrows. So go to “skin” section: there are 8 skins in the slot, the first four are with eyebrows, the second four are without.


  • Will have, in the future, more animations?

Yes, we will, but only on Bento Heads.

  • How can I have a talking animation without the HUD?

Activate the “BLABLA” Talk gesture (you will find it in the package) and detach the HUD.

  • At the moment only for Altamura Aaron Bento Head: I want to take a picture with a facial animation, how can I stop random animations?

When you see the right animation, simply click on the button, the HUD will stop and you see the animation on your face.


Autore: altamurasl

Altamura gives you several choises to customize your avi: first of all your BENTO mesh head in two different versions, then a lot of mesh heads, mesh body for woman and man, all with HD skins, appliers (which works with Omega System) and clothes.

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