FAQ – Bento Head/Traditional Mesh Head

  • Have you a video tutorial?

Yes, we have: Altamura Channel on YouTube

  • Are Altamura heads compatible with bodies by other brands?

Yes, they are. Male Heads are compatible with all bodies except TMP and Aestetic.

  • What is the difference between Bento Head and Traditional Mesh Head?

In Bento, you can modify your head shape, so you can become unique!

  • I wear my Bento head but I seem a monster!

You have to wear the shape in the package and then, if you want, you can modify it.

  • How can I change skin/hair base/eyebrows/eyeshadow/blush/lips/lashes color?

You can use color picker and blend to adjust the intensity.
In alternative, you can buy Omega system skins because all Altamura Products are Omega compatible.

  • Does the for instance your “name X” Full Body fits well with the Bento Head/Traditional Mesh Head? 

No, because the Full Body is one piece, body and head together. The only body headless (without head) at the moment is Altamura Sofia.

  • The “name X” head is overlapping at the neck level with the “name X” body. Is there anything to fix it from your side ?

Yes, go to “other” section in main hud, and choose R, your issue will be disappear.

  • On the eyebrow makeup, how do you hide the standard brow?

There is not a button to hide the standard brow, but you have 4 skin tones, with or without eyebrows. So go to “skin” section: there are 8 skins in the slot, the first four are with eyebrows, the second four are without.


  • Will have, in the future, more animations?

Yes, we will, but only on Bento Heads.

  • How can I have a talking animation without the HUD?

Active BLABLA Talk (you find in the package) and detach the HUD.

  • At the moment only for Altamura Aaron Bento Head: I want to take a picture with a facial animation, how can I stop random animations?

When you see the right animation, simply click on the button, the HUD will stop and you see the animation on your face.


Autore: altamurasl

Altamura gives you several choises to customize your avi: first of all your BENTO mesh head in two different versions, then a lot of mesh heads, mesh body for woman and man, all with HD skins, appliers (which works with Omega System) and clothes.

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