“SOFIA” Bento Body

“Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity,”

(Marilyn Monroe)

Altamura SOFIA Bento Body


Sofia Bento Body is only a body, without head, with Bento Hands. It is Omega compatible and Bento Hands work with all Bento AOs.

It comes with:

0=Bento Instructions
2A=Bento Body
2B=Clothing Layers
4A=Body HUD
4B=Head HUD
4C=Nails HUD
4D=Hand Poses HUD
5=Body Skin Applier
6=Layers Applier

The Main HUD comes with: landmark to the Main Store, link to Website, link to mesh heads/bodies Marketplace, link to clothings & accessories Marketplace, detach button; 4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, 3 Alpha Sections (macro, mid, micro) & Zoom to select zones more easily. Get Preset and save Preset (Layers&Alpha), Bento Hands and 3 positions for feet (flat, mid, high). 2 Clothing, Lingerie & Tattoo Layers Options. Color Picker.

Complexity Alpha+Body: 8206.

Sofia is available at Main Store and Marketplace .

For further informations about HUD use, click here.


Autore: altamurasl

Altamura gives you several choises to customize your avi: first of all your BENTO mesh head in two different versions, then a lot of mesh heads, mesh body for woman and man, all with HD skins, appliers (which works with Omega System) and clothes.


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