Altamura Team

StoreArt AltaMura Februari 2017 con logoRumegusc Altamura – Altamura CEO

Born in Second Life on  2007, she is been always interested in creations. In 2014  the project started from an idea on grid open source named “Craft” with some of her friends. She created a sculpture with several mesh male and female bodies and from there all is started. The details are born step by step in Second Life.

She loves what she creates , she loves the beauty and she tries to join these two concepts: have a beautiful look with her bodies and heads using a well done product. Her items infact are low lag: her HUDs, her bodies and heads have a low complexity in Second Life, it means people can play easily in Second Life although they are beautiful!

Lucrezia McBride – Altamura G. Manager

Lulu born in Second life on 2007 and soon the world of fashion catch her attention, and for this reason, after a brief cognitive experience with Metaverso, she throw herself headlong in fashion-related projects.

Her managerial attitudes, have been noticed right away, and for this reason, she has come up with numerous brand proposals, brand that over the years have become Colossal of fashion.She followed different initiatives, projects she created herself, Brand administrations until she reach Altamura.


Lulu is Altamura’s Manager since 2016, October, and she is one of the first people to have firmly believed in this brand and every day tries to improve it by dedicating soul and body following every aspect.

She pays particular attention to the Customer and “Quality is to meet the needs of the Customer and to overcome his own expectations by continuing to improve” talks completely about what she thinking about it.

Britney Berman – Altamura Social Media Manager

Britney Berman was born in Second Life in 2008.
From the earliest time she was noticed for her cheerful and creative temperament, so she was soon hired in the metaverse.

BritShe worked for various initiatives and projects, related to the world of fashion and other Second Life’s aspects. Most important experience was on 2009 as CEO, together Alecx Writer, of one of most popular Fashion WebSite of the time:

Britney often refers herself as a “volcano” of ideas; she likes team work, which is why she works with full dedication for Altamura from 2016, December. She has advanced interpersonal and presentation skills, indispensable talent in relations with Customers and Bloggers.


Autore: altamurasl

Altamura gives you several choises to customize your avi: first of all your BENTO mesh head in two different versions, then a lot of mesh heads, mesh body for woman and man, all with HD skins, appliers (which works with Omega System) and clothes.


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