• Where are the Main Store and your Marketplace?

Here:  Altamura Main Store ,  Altamura Marketplace for bodies and heads and Altamura Clothings and Accessiories

  • Do you have a video tutorial?

Yes we have: Altamura Channel on YouTube

  • Do you make Updates? Are they free? 

Yes, Altamura gives free Updates, and you can receive it via the “Redelivery” vendor in the Main Store.

  • Does Altamura use Omega?

Yes, Altamura is Omega friendly. You can find the System Kit on the MP at Omega Kit for Altamura, or in the Main Store.

  • How does Omega work with Altamura?

In the package you will find the “Relay” and “Installer”.

Relay works ONLY on the body and Installer ONLY on the Head.

For detailed instructions see:

How Omega works with Altamura

  • Where can I find Developer Kits for Altamura?

Follow the instructions at these pages: Developer Kit for Applier and Developer Kits for 3D Parts

  • Where can I find informations and FAQs on Heads and Bodies ?

Here: Head and Body.

  • Who may I contact IW for further information?

Please contact via notecard DaddyStickler Resident. As an alternative, ask in Group Chat.

Copy and paste in local chat to join the group: