“DANTE” Mesh Body Headless

“The world history is the biography of great men”

(Thomas Carlyle)

The mesh body Dante is a mix of strong muscles but not excessive, and you can customize every aspect of this body for all your needs.
This mesh body is dedicated to all the men who want to find the perfect base for their fabulous body.

Altamura DANTE Body Headless per MP



Vista Hands and Omega compatible.

It works with all heads by other brands except TMP.

4 Skin Tones With & WithOut EyeBrows, 3 Alpha Sections (macro, mid, micro) & Zoom to select zones more easily. Get Preset and save Preset (Layers&Alpha), 3 Static Positions for Hands (elegant, relaxed, curl) and Flat Feet, Color Picker, 2 Clothing, Lingerie & Tattoo Layers Options.

Complexity Alpha+Body: 12346.