FAQ – General Informations

  • Where are the Main Store and your Marketplace?

Here:  Altamura Main Store ,  Altamura Marketplace for bodies and heads and Altamura Clothings and Accessiories

  • Have you a video tutorial?

Yes we have: Altamura Channel on YouTube

  • Do you make Update? Are they free? 

Yes, Altamura gives free Update, and you can receive it by “Redelivery” Button in the Main Store.

  • Does Altamura use Omega?

Yes, Altamura is Omega friendly. You find the System Kit on Omega Kit for Altamura or in the Main Store.

  • How works Omega for Altamura?

In the package you find “Relay” and “Installer”.

Relay works ONLY on the body and Installer ONLY on the Head.

For detailed instructions see:

How Omega works with Altamura

  • Where can I find Developer Kits for Altamura?

Follow the instructions at these pages: Developer Kit for Applier and Developer Kits for 3D Parts


Autore: altamurasl

Altamura gives you several choises to customize your avi: first of all your BENTO mesh head in two different versions, then a lot of mesh heads, mesh body for woman and man, all with HD skins, appliers (which works with Omega System) and clothes.


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